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What is well if your looking for totally free after effects templates that are of good quality and not just some junk some one put together. Well AEbuster is where it all happends. Every thing here is free and great for those of you just learning how to use adobe after effects.
Free ae template
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Free Dog Tag After Effects Template : September 12, 2013

Alright here we are again with another free template, This time we have a simple Dog Tag template. The reason i made this one was for a call of duty style template but i started to have second thoughts about doing it. Just template is just a small piece of what i was doing. So just have fun with it and dont forget to leave some feed back.


Free Fire After Effects Template : Jun 27 2013

Ok i will admit its been a long time since the last update but iam back now with some i think most of you should like and this time its a fire template. This was originally a product i had in production but i decided to just make this into a free template for all of you to mess around with.Also we were lucky enough to find a very talented artist to provide music with this template and his name is Cristo Aleman check out some of his music here

So check out the image link above and take a look at the animation for your self ... oh and dont forget to leave some feed back.



Free Movie Intro titles template : Jan 9 2012

Happy new year every body! to start off this year i have created some text based templates for you. But all the thanks here go to those of you that emailed me asking for more text templates to add for your intros. This intro is more of a metal style but this can be changed to whatever you liking is. You can change the font, background and color scheme to what ever you see fit. So thats about it for now guys enjoy and dont forget to leave some feed back thanks!


Free Sports Center Template : Dec 11 2012

Hey guys thanks to a nice donation to this month i have been able to add one more template to the collection for all of you sports video editors and even just a regular video editor. What we have here is a sports center style template for all of you to use for your play highlights or even just as a short intro. So enjoy guys and i want to give a special thanks for those of you that donated this month you all know who your are and all thanks to you this site keeps running.



Free Prize Ribbon Template : Sept 26 2012

Hey aebuster fans its been awhile since the last update but iam back with another free project for you to have a little fun with. This time i made a short prize ribbon template for you. What this does is it will let you show off an award to 1st place ribbon like you see in maybe a science fair. But any way you can edit the text, background and ribbon color in this project easily but if you get lost jus check the read me file included. So that is it for now guys enjoy and dont forget to visit us again soon.


Free Fire embers Template : July 3 2012

Alright here is a quick update for you, A nice little fire template i created really quick just messing around with after effects and decided to make it available for all of you to take apart so enjoy and let me know what you guys think.

Free News Lower Third Template : June 29, 2012

Whats up every body logan here again with a new free after effects template. this time around we have a lower third, since so many of you like news videos style graphics i decided to make a news lower third like you see on the news with a small box rotating. Pretty easy project to use so iam sure you guys will have fun with this one. So thats about it for this update guys enjoy and dont forget to leave some feedback thanks.


Free Video Hive Template : May 22, 2012

Alright so here is the deal guys as you all know i have made templates for videohive but, not all the templates that i make work out in the end for, mostly because i get stuck on some effect that just takes to long to render or just doesnt meet my own personal standards and i just end up calling it quits and moving on to other templates. And guess what ??? this is one of them, this template was suppose to be a bunch of boxes stacked up with video screens and particles raining down and sliding off them but it just didnt really... work out so well at the end and has been sitting on my hard drive for over a year now.

So now its officially free and for all of you to enjoy.

Download It Here

Free Wedding Rings Template : March 9, 2011

This template i created a long time ago to sell but i just never got back around to finishing it but. Thanks to one of our members at named Nassir emailed me about doing a wedding rings animation i decided to make this one available. Its a pretty short template but its still a good template for weddings. The way this one works is simple you just type in the names you want on the rings from 2 composites and boom done!!!

Oh i 1 last thing i forgot to post about is that i also added a iphone template for you guys to try out so dont forget to have a look at that one as well.

So with that said have fun any dont forget to leave some feedback.

1 New AE Free Templates : March 9, 2011

Its been awhile since i made a update to this site but i have a lot planned but for right now iam back with a quick project for you guys to mess around with and this one is a dvd case loop animation. Just add your cover artwork and you have a dvd case advertisment. This project is something iam currently selling but rather give you guys nothing i decided to add a demo here so you guys would at least have something untill iam done with the next free projects. So thats about it for now guys enjoy this small update and i will see you on the next release. Oh and if your interested in the full version check out the link below.

LINK: to the full version DVD Case Template

1 New AE Free Templates : Oct 10, 2011

Alright everybody, here is a quick update for you, today i just decided to add a halloween style project to the collection of free stuff here and you can find it here,"Halloween Ghost" This project / template comes from one of my projects that i sell, but i wanted to give you guys something for the halloween season and i have been so busy with other projects that i just didnt have the time to create anything just for this site. So i hope you guys enjoy this template and if you want to check out the retail version of it you can check this link below

So enjoy and see you on the next release of free templates.

2 New AE Free Templates : Aug 29, 2011

Hey guys, well i have 2 more new templates for you guys for have some fun with. In this update we have a news report template and a cd case template. So now let me tell you a little bit about these new projects. First the cd case template is for those of you that are like me "a struggling artist" and trying to promote your music or any other type of cd product and need a nice intro for yourself, well here it is. Simply just swap your cd cover label into this project and your good to go. Alright now coming to the News/earth project. This one is more for your News report type of projects, this project is kinda big, and i tried to put as much stuff in here as i could to work with. So that about cover everything for this update. So far this site is coming along pretty slowly and not to many people know about us and i really havent had much time to promote the site.

So if you guys can spread the word about this site and tell some friends about us and i will see you guys on the next update. Thanks


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