Free After Effects Templates

What is well if your looking for totally free after effects templates that are of good quality and not just some junk some one put together. Well AEbuster is where it all happends. Every thing here is free and great for those of you just learning how to use adobe after effects.

After Effects FREE Game Show Template

A free game show template i created thanks to a suggestion i got in a email a while back. In this project you need 3d element to open it but just in case some of you dont use that i included the object file so you can just bring it into your own 3d program and use it that way. Hope you guys find this one useful.


Google Search Bar Free After Effects Template

This project is more for the video editors that like to make tutorials about the internet and finding things. Its a pretty simple project to use and you can swap out all of the text to what ever you like. So have fun with this one and i will see you next time.

Dog Tag Free After Effects Template

Alright here we are again with another free template, This time we have a simple Dog Tag template. The reason i made this one was for a call of duty style template but i started to have second thoughts about doing it. Just template is just a small piece of what i was doing. So just have fun with it and dont forget to leave some feed back.

Free Movie Titles Effects Template

This intro is more of a metal style but this can be changed to whatever you liking is. You can change the font, background and color scheme to what ever you see fit. So thats about it for now guys enjoy and dont forget to leave some feed back


Free Sports Center AE Template

Hey guys thanks to a nice donation to this month i have been able to add one more template to the collection for all of you sports video editors and even just a regular video editor. What we have here is a sports center style template for all of you to use for your play highlights or even just as a short intro. So enjoy guys and i want to give a special thanks for those of you that donated this month you all know who your are and all thanks to you this site keeps running.


Free Embers AE project

Alright here is a quick update for you, A nice little fire template i created really quick just messing around with after effects and decided to make it available for all of you to take apart so enjoy and let me know what you guys think.

Free Video Backgrounds

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