What is AE Buster?

Well AEbuster.com is the sister site of givemefreeart.com run by Logan Kenesis. After so many request to offer after effects projects and more customizable free animation AE Buster.com is now here! and just like our sister site everything here is free for both commercial use and personal use. The only thing thats not allowed is selling any of the content here directly. Hey lets face it who wants to pay for something they can get for free right? and the last rule is simply not to post any of the files here on another website, if you see any of the files here on another website please contact me by clicking the email me button on the top of this page. Other than that your good to go!

Alright now just because everything is free doesnt mean i will give you garbage artwork, and for those of you who know me are already aware that i only like to give things away of value. AE buster is now in its birth stages and in order for me to provide all of you with quality free stuff i just ask in return that if you have an idea for a cool AE project that will help the community post in the comments or email me about it. And also for any of you artist out there who have some AE projects, stock film, or music. Share some of your work with us by clicking the email me button and letting us know what you got to offer to community. Every little bit helps and will keep this website alive to see another day.

so with all that said enjoy AEbuster.com


Terms Of Use

Alright guys just like any other free website there are some rules that you have to follow ,so here are the do and donts to aebuster.com


1.You cannot Sell or Redistribute any projects or graphics that belong to aebuster.com

2.You cannot post any of aebuster.com content for downloading on any other website


What You CAN DO

1. You can use any project for personal or commercial use

2.NO credit to aebuster.com is required on your videos but if you can please do it helps our website grow

Ok thats all there is if you have any questions feel free to ask on the email me page.

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