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Author: Logan Kenesis
File Size: 250 mb
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Project Details
This template is just one of my abandoned templates i did almost a year ago that i just decided to give away for free. But what this was suppose to be was a bunch of boxes and with video screens and some cools particles, and to morph each box into a screen as well, but..... it didnt really come out that way at the end so i just gave up on it and moved on. So with that said have fun with this one and put it to good use.

Thanks again.

How to Edit This project

Ok so if your stuck wodering how to edit this projects its pretty simple, each screen is controller by the compositions labeled Screen 1, Screen 2, Screen 3 .... all the way through 6 and to edit them simply just double click on one of them and drop your footage into the comp and your done! easy right!!!


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