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Author: Logan Kenesis
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Project Details
A special thanks goes out to all of you who emailed me suggesting i make text templates for movie style intros. I dont know why i never got around to making these but hey its here now. What this template does is you simply modify one area of text and animate the camera how ever you wish and BOOM you have a cool hollywood intro. IMPORTANT!! one thing i want to mention to you is that this project is in 3d and lets you create your own camera angles but the render time to do this can be VERY HIGH! so if you use this project make sure you have a computer that can handle it. So thats about it guys i hope you enjoy this project and if you do please leave a comment to let me know you found this usefull and i will create more styles to this. Thanks again and visit the site again soon for more free templates.

How to Edit This project

1.Unzip this project to your c: drive
2.Open up the file named Sports "Free Movie Titles"
3.Double click on the layer named "Main Text (modify) "
4.Click back to the Sparks Title composition and render


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