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Author: Logan Kenesis
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Project Details
Well iam sure many of you sports fans have heard of sports center and have seen there graphic intros. Lately i have been to busy to even try doing one of those intro but all thanks to a nice donation we got tihs month to i was able to cancel some of my work and do some special for all of you that keep asking me about sports templates and intros. Using this template is pretty simple and has just one are that you need to edit which in this project is labeled "EDIT THIS". I know some of you still get lost with this stuff so there will be a quick read me inside the zip file. So with that said i hope all of you guys enjoy this project and as long as you guys continue to donate and support the site them more i can add to the collection.

Thanks again and enjoy

How to Edit This project

1.Unzip this project to your c: drive
2.Open up the file named Sports "Center Final"
3.Double click on the layer named "EDIT THIS"
4.Click back to the Sports Center HD composition and render


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